Coach, Consultant or Expert Service Provider...

Does the idea of selling on the phone give you sweaty palms?

What if I told you that we have mastered closing using nothing but FB messenger?

So you can land unlimited clients on command without even talking to your prospects, scheduling calls, dealing with no-shows, etc...


The Inverted Selling System

Inside you'll learn...

  • The 4 things a person absolutely must feel about you before you get on the phone (missing #3 will leave someone unwilling to work with you even if they’re certain you can transform their life)
  • The Spiderman meme that will instantly shift the way you approach your messenger conversations (hint: trust is a huge factor in this)
  • The 10-point Messenger Framework to keep front of mind whenever you’re in a convo with a potential client (And no, this is NOT a script - it’s much more powerful)
  • The “14yo girl” technique some gurus prescribe for messenger… and why it’s the LAST thing you want to do if you actually want someone to sign up for your high-ticket offer (and the alternative that guarantees far greater results)
  • The “QQI Framework” that will radically increase the number of people you get from messenger onto the phone - this is the most common “missing piece” from otherwise flawless conversations
  • The key to getting someone on the phone without them feeling like they’re just getting teed up for a sales call (The result? You’ll get more people agreeing to a call, less no-shows, and a much higher chance of closing the deal)
  • An in-depth breakdown of a Messenger conversation gone wrong. You’ll see exactly what to avoid, and what to do instead to ensure you knock the majority of your conversations out of the park
  • 2 full walkthroughs of conversations done correctly - if you’ve ever wanted to see how the best-of-the-best approach messenger, this is your opportunity (plus - how to keep your messaging from feeling like an FBI interrogation)
  • Are your prospects “flipping the conversation” and asking you the questions instead? Here’s how to smoothly retake the lead without any hiccups
  • The “fortune is in the follow-up” - but what’s the most effective way to approach it all? You’ll see the exact method our specialists use to follow up (including word-for-word responses you can plug into your conversations immediately)
  • The 3 best ways to nurture prospects who aren’t in a position to work with you yet (if you aren’t bringing in new clients that you’ve nurtured for 3-9 months… you’re probably leaving a LOT of new business on the table)
  • The importance of “tuning the aggression”... and the worst thing you can do for a prospect who isn’t answering you (most of us have been guilty of this at one time or another - here’s how to handle it in a way they’ll love you for)
  • How to schedule time for messenger when you’re juggling everything else in your business (and one of the incredible advantages of having these time constraints)
  • Ready to hire someone? Here are Josh’s tips for hiring rockstar “appointment setters”... and what you must do to set them up for success from day one (Plus - the one book you must read for finding top performers)
  • How to get the most mileage from your follow-up when you’re drastically short on time (this is the 80/20 protocol that keeps prospects moving toward a “next step” with you)
  • How to deal with people who “want to save up” after a consult... but ghost you when you follow up (and how to deliver some “tough love” in a way they feel grateful for)
  • The single most effective post-consult message to send for someone who didn’t close but may become a client in the future (do this by TXT for best results)
  • Word-for-word how to handle pre-call cancellations in a way that eases their hesitation and gives you the best shot at salvaging the opportunity
  • What separates the “bottom 10%ers” from the rest. These are the prospects that seem like super qualified but will drain your time and energy (and typically become nightmare clients)
  • When to leave someone on “read” without a response - use this strategically to “reset” the conversation and move forward without a hitch (we’ll even share an example of how it can mend your own mess-ups)
  • The Desktop DM Trap - what you absolutely MUST know before you msg another lead in Messenger (ignore this are you may wake up in fb jail with no way of communicating with ANY of your prospects)
  • The “DMV” blunder that will instantly turn off any prospect you speak to on the phone (fix this and watch your success rate improve overnight)
  • Plus MUCH, MUCH more!
Now, ordinarily, this training is reserved for only our top-level clients who are part of our "Elite Mastermind"...

Each of these folks paid 5-figures just to BE IN THE ROOM when this training was originally given.

But, we want to make this training available to as many people as possible...

So, we're going to do something a little crazy.
When you purchase today, you are going to get access to this one-of-a-kind, top shelf training for the insane price of just...



You're Protected by our No-Risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee
To make this an absolute no-brainer for you, I wanna remove all the risk.

So here’s the deal: You’re either thrilled with the Inverted Selling System… or I insist you create a support ticket by clicking here or call my support team at (615) 953-9536 and we’ll rush to refund your entire purchase.

Even if it’s a couple years down the road. I’m happy to shoulder to the risk because I’m confidence in the value you’re getting today.
Our trainings are leading the industry...

"Two very dedicated and impressive talented experts who really do not grasp the magnitude of what they do for others...”



"You guys are WORLD CLASS marketers...”



"What you've built in such a short amount of time is incredible... you put the work in, and you've done it the right way.”



Let's do a quick recap...

Here's what you're getting today in this BRAND NEW training from Traffic & Funnels:

  • The framework that our sales people use to reliably gain trust and pre-frame the prospect without ever even getting on the phone.
  • Roadmaps for how to steer Messenger conversations in a way where the close is inevitable!
  • Walkthroughs and breakdowns of actual conversations with prospects from the T&F vault.
  • Hiring tips for entrepreneurs that are looking to build or expand their internal sales team.
  • Word-for-word coaching for multiple situations you may run into when closing via Messenger!
  • And MUCH, MUCH more!
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